200,000 euros to build smart cities
Have an idea that could revolutionize the concept of smart city? Use the FI-WARE platform to develop your application and qualify for the final of this challenge, with 200,000 € in prizes.
This is for
Every campusero. Globally.
The finalists of the first phase of this challenge are:

1. SPRING, by Marian Claudiu Moldovan
2. Smart App City, by Daniel Menchaca
3. CityBrain, by SERGIO CHAMORRO
4. TagTagCity, by Natalia Vicente
5. Wecollect, by Teresa Álamos
6. Urban M, by Daniel Caro
7. SmartBox, by Álvaro Romero Izquierdo
8. SocialMarket, by Claudio Esposito
9. Chaos System, by Burak Hançerli
10. FI-Guardian, by Marcos Marconi, Viviane Lesa
11. Smart Zity, by Alberto Martin Alcubierre
12. Paprika, by Enylton Machado Coelho
13. VASEC, by Christian Moller
14. La Urbo, by Daniel Lima
15. CARES, by Juan Manuel Romero
16. Smart Traffic, by Matteo Del Rio Lostal
17. SmartParking, by Carlos A. Albarran
18. QuickParking, by Antonio Sanchez
19. ApparKart, by Marco Vereda Manchego
20. Sparky, by Alejandro Santamaria Arza

At least, two members of the chosen projects (with the exception of VASEC, Chaos and TagTagCity teams) travelled to Campus Party Brazil, which was held in Sao Paulo between 27th January and 2nd February). And they were awarded with a 2,800 euros price. They presented a prototype of their projects to a jury composed by engineers of FI-WARE and other experts, who advised them to make the necessary improvements at the event.

On 1st February, the winners of the challenge were announced at Campus Party Brazil:

• First prize:
75.000€. FI-GUARDIAN Project. Marcos Marconi (Brazil)

• Second prize:
40.000 €. SPARKY Project. Alejandro Santamaría (Mexico)

• Third prize:
20.000 €. SMART BOX Project. Francisco J. Herrero (Spain)

• Special Mention: Young Developer
5.000 €. SMART ZITY Project. Alberto Martin (Spain)

• Special Mention: Most Innovative Application
5.000 €. SMART APP CITY Project. Daniel Menchaca (Spain)

Congratulations to all!!
Start time: 30-10-2013, 18:32 GMT (+0000)
Delivery date: 19-12-2013, 21:59 GMT (+0000)
Decision date: 29-12-2013, 17:00 GMT (+0000)
First Prize: 75.000 €
Second Prize: 40.000 €
Third Prize: 20.000 €
Special Mention Young Developer: 5.000 €
Special Mention: Application with the greatest potential: 5,000 €
First Phase winners prize: 55000
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