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Last April 24, was the deadline for the submission of ideas for the Smart Society challenge of FI-WARE, to which we had 300 registered users, representing more than 20 different nationalities.
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Last April 24, was the deadline for the submission of ideas for the Smart Society challenge of FI-WARE, to which we had 300 registered users, representing more than 20 different nationalities.

This challenge to date is the record high of participants for this competition of apps in the history of the European Commission and Campus Party, endowed with a total of 800,000 € to be split evenly between the finalists and winners of four different challenges.

The challenge Smart Society of FI-WARE consists of an open call for ideas to build applications with the objective of promoting innovative initiatives and disruptive involving benefits to society from various fields and support in the use of the technologies associated with the platform FI-WARE.

Participants from Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, United Kingdom and other countries have competed to gain a spot in the final for the FI-WARE challenges. In the case of the challenge Smart Society we have 20 finalists and 2 finalists for Hack for good. The are the following:

1. Javier Herrero with the Same: magicbox project
2. Raul Herrero with the ICST project
3. Ricardo Lombardo Ruiz with the My Eco project
4. Juan José Bilbao Junquera with the Esaccesible app
5. Antonio Sánchez with the proyect: Figlass
6. Javier Alvargonzález with the Healthiox: itiox project
7. Carlos Miguel Vázquez with the Cares project
8. Tatiana Orlova & Yuri Orlov with the Eruditfriend project
9. Angel Carlos Roman with the project: Ourskin
10. Ales Holubec with the Pajamakids project
11. Hector Linares (Banana Lab Team) with the Being in touch: bit project
12. Alberto Calleja with Prohealth project
13. Alejandro Perezpayá with the Wakeup project
14. Alex Sancho with the Sixcampus project
15. Ricardo Moreno with the Happycities project
16. Roberto Ibarra with the Societal proyect
17. Chris Meudec with the My people care project
18. José Manuel Robles with the A_outbarriers project
19. Massimiliano Picone with the Hackacademy project
20. Sebastian Villa with the Rl-education project

Hack for good

1. Brais Viladedra with the Where2study project
2. Miquel Camps with the Kodefu project

The finalists received a prize of 2800 €.

Las Palmas and Seville were the headquarters of the event: Connecting cities to the Internet of the future from October 13th to 17th.

In these cities, the finalists launched a prototype of their projects in front of a jury joined by engineers of the FI-WARE Consortium and experts that advised to the participants so they could improve their projects during the event.

During October 16th and 17th, final presentations of the challenges Smart Society and FIWARE Excellence took place. After the jury deliberated, the winners were announced during the Awards on October 17th.

First Prize: Cares (Mexico) Amount: 75,000€

CARES Developed by: Margarita Vaca Martín and Ricardo Samuel Mendoza

Second Prize: My people care (Ireland) Amount: 40,000€

My people care Developed by: Chris Meudec, Dominik Chomic and Robert Lynch

Third Prize: Outbarriers (Spain) Amount: 20,000€

Outbarriers Developed by: José Manuel Roble and Adrían Martínez Rojas

Special Mention: Most Innovative Application: Being in Touch (Spain) Amount: 5,000€

Being in Touch: BiT Developed by: Héctor Linares, Gerard Consegal, Tigran Sargysan and Emilio Enigma

Special Mention: Young Developer: Sixcampus (Spain) Amount: 5,000€

Sixcampus Developed by: Alex Sancho, Pablo Garcia-Nieto Rodriguez, Roger Fos Soler and Adrian Martín Piñas

Congratulations to all of the winners!
Start time: 22-01-2014, 23:00 GMT (+0000)
Delivery date: 24-04-2014, 09:00 BST (+0100)
Decision date: 31-05-2014, 06:00 BST (+0100)
First Prize: 75.000 €
Second Prize: 40.000 €
Third Prize: 20,000 €
Special Mention Young developer: 5.000 €
Special Mention: Most Innovative Application: 5.000 €
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